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This majestic island of Bali offers you a tropical paradise that will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. It is truly heaven on earth…



The culture of the Balinese people is really one of a kind. It has many unique ceremonies, dances and musical performances. Their arts, architecture, paintings, and sculptures are truly inspiring. A tour not to miss is the trip to the Temple of Tanah Lot in the sea (see the picture above). Much of the island is untouched, and you can still experience traditional villages where you can enjoy the old-fashioned Balinese way of living. The Balinese people are famous for their friendly and warm characters.


Indonesia consists of more water than land (it has more than 13,000 islands). Indonesians refer it to as Tanah Air Kita (our land and water). The first island east of Java and located just below the equator, Bali is one of the most famous and internationally known islands of Indonesia.


It is hard to get bored in Bali as there are plenty of activities for everyone – surfing, diving, trekking, golfing, rafting, bungee jumping, elephant riding, beautiful bird parks, sightseeing, and let’s not forget the best shopping for your every need. After all of this remember that back at Pondok Ayu, your pool and cool room is waiting for you.

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