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Iconic hi-tech men’s sneaker with an ultra-breathable extremely light construction and an innovative environmentally-friendly upper made from recycled polyester.
Nebula™, Geox’s revolutionary sneaker with a modern, contemporary aesthetic, is a winning combination of well-being, outstanding quality and technology further elevated by a totally eco-conscious design. Made from a jacquard-weave fabric in a gray-and-black colorway composed of a recycled-polyester yarn obtained from 100% plastic bottles used and reprocessed entirely in Italy, Nebula™ is an ideal piece of footwear for everyday use around town, while traveling or for leisure pursuits; its appeal is not only due to its wide toe box, which is only one feature of its comfortable design, but also because of its iconic versatile aesthetic, making it a casual-look must for any wardrobe.
An amazing combination of well-being and technology, Nebula™ boasts a tread with three-dimensional rubber inserts for excellent grip and durability as well as a light cushioning outsole in flexible EVA enhanced by the mounting insole in 3D mesh which provides even greater breathability. For hygiene and practicality, it also features a removable footbed which is lined in leather to boost comfort and help feet feel dry all day long.
These shoes owe their extraordinary breathability to the GEOX Net Breathing System: the technology developed and designed in collaboration with professional pilots who have won the world championship. The maxiholes guarantee outstanding breathability.
The maximum water resistance of the sole is guaranteed by a membrane that prevents water from getting in. What’s more, an additional layer made up of a special protective material guards the foot, without compromising on breathability.
This technology has been designed to withstand even the most intense level of activity and to provide maximum day long comfort, even in the more extreme of temperatures.
  • extra breathability, air ventilation and lightness
  • iconic
  • breathing lining (cardo)
  • sustainable
Upper: 5% Leather-95% Textile, Lining: 69% Textile-21% Leather-10% Synthetic
Outsole: 67% Synthetic Material-33% Rubber, Insole: 100% Leather