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Iconic, high-tech men's sneaker that's ultra-breathable and extremely lightweight, offering unparalleled performance even on uneven ground.
Nebula X, Geox's boundary-pushing sneaker, is an amazing combination of technology and innovation. An extraordinarily outperforming piece of footwear, it has to be the ultimate choice for weekend getaways, escapes in search of adventure or leisuretime pursuits. With a pristine minimalist design, it has been crafted from navy-blue mesh with lime-green detailing and lends itself perfectly to leisuretime and everyday looks. What is more, with its superior performance levels, wide toe box and practical internal elastic sock for extra comfort, it is the perfect travel companion.
A winning combination of outstanding comfort, quality and technology, it boasts a tread with 3D rubber inserts for unparalleled grip even on uneven ground, and a light EVA outsole for cushioning and flexibility. Comfort is maximized by multiple channel details on the lining that allow hot air to escape, and the breathable and cushioned 3D mesh footbed. Double-fit detail provides a customizable fit while the removable leather-lined footbed ensures feet feel dry all day long.
These shoes owe their extraordinary breathability to the GEOX Net Breathing System: the technology developed and designed in collaboration with professional pilots who have won the world championship. The maxiholes guarantee outstanding breathability.
The maximum water resistance of the sole is guaranteed by a membrane that prevents water from getting in. What’s more, an additional layer made up of a special protective material guards the foot, without compromising on breathability.
This technology has been designed to withstand even the most intense level of activity and to provide maximum day long comfort, even in the more extreme of temperatures.
Designed for people that are looking for shoes that can comfortably adapt to their feet, this model features a removable inner sole so as to provide two different fits or the option of adding an insole.
  • double fit
  • iconic
  • shock absorbing
  • leather insole
Upper: 69% Textile-31% Synthetic, Lining: 80% Textile-20% Synthetic
Outsole: 70% Synthetic Material-30% Rubber, Insole: 100% Leather